Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sehar - Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Kabir Kaushik

Met Kabir Kaushik this evening. He's the director of Sehar. Interesting guy...really. The film ought to be nice. And it's got quite an impressive cast - Pankaj Kapoor, Suhasini Mulay, Arshad Warsi and Sushant Singh. Mahima Chaudhary too. Releasing on the 29th of July.

What I like a lot about Kabir (and, by default, about Sehar as well) is that the name of the film's been taken from one of my favourite poems of Faiz. And this poem is also a part of the film...which just makes the film even better. This poem's called Subh-e-aazaadi, and Faiz had written it in August 1947. Here it is...

ye daaG daaG ujaalaa, ye shab_gaziidaa sahar
wo intazaar thaa jis kaa, ye wo sahar to nahii.n

ye wo sahar to nahii.n jis kii aarazuu lekar
chale the yaar ki mil jaayegii kahii.n na kahii.n
falak ke dasht me.n taro.n kii aaKharii ma.nzil
kahii.n to hogaa shab-e-sust mauj kaa saahil
kahii.n to jaa ke rukegaa safinaa-e-Gam-e-dil
jawaa.N lahuu kii pur-asaraar shaaharaaho.n se
chale jo yaar to daaman pe kitane haath pa.De
dayaar-e-husn kii be-sabr Khwaab-gaaho.n se
pukaratii rahii.n baahe.n, badan bulaate rahe
bahut aziiz thii lekin ruKh-e-sahar kii lagan
bahut qarii.n thaa hasiinaan-e-nuur kaa daaman
subuk subuk thii tamannaa, dabii dabii thii thakan

sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai firaq-e-zulmat-e-nuur
sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai wisaal-e-ma.nzil-o-gaam
badal chukaa hai bahut ahl-e-dard kaa dastuur
nishaat-e-wasl halaal-o-azaab-e-hijr-e-haraam
jigar kii aag, nazar kii uma.ng, dil kii jalan
kisii pe chaaraa-e-hijraa.N kaa kuchh asar hii nahii.n
kahaa.N se aaii nigaar-e-sabaa, kidhar ko gaii
abhii chiraaG-e-sar-e-rah ko kuchh Khabar hii nahii.n
abhii garaani-e-shab me.n kamii nahii.n aaii
najaat-e-diida-o-dil kii gha.Dii nahii.n aaii
chale chalo ki wo ma.nzil abhii nahii.n aaii

What really angers me right now is this review...
"Pankaj Kapoor lends his atmospheric voice to "Faiz". The whole piece may only be a minute long but it is effectively powerful and very striking. Kapoor breathes life into Swanand Kirkire´s Urdu words, "Yeh daag daag ujaala, yeh shabgazeeda sehar...” After his picturesque words for"Parineeta", Kirkire is emerging as a very promising lyricist."

Some idiot called Shahid Khan thinks he's qualified enough to review an album, and he isn't aware that "Faiz" is actually Faiz Ahmed Faiz - the man who wrote "Yeh daag daag ujaala, yeh shabgazeeda sehar...", and which, by inference, WASN'T written by Swanand Kirkire!

Here, I'd like to say...again...as I'd said in this post...
"about 90% of all people are plain stupid, and one should get around their stupidities and get one's own work done."
I believe that, but this still makes my blood boil!


Eastmancolour said...

OMG !!
plagurizm? :S

write to the morons and complain what the blooody fook is goin on ?
tell them to format their harddrives and shave their tongues.

Anvita Thapliyal said...

i say we hate mail this guy...wat a loser and t thnk tht these foolish assh***s get to make movies and i am still unempoyed and padmini might hav to join channel 7

Eastmancolour said...

Oye Hello !!!
MOVE !!!

get your fingers moving and TYPE something here !!
jeezuz..I check this blog everyday for nothing ? :P