Sunday, July 03, 2005

I got me a lil kitten!

Yes, I did!

She's two months old, and her name is Xena. Got her today from these lovely people in Lodhi Colony, whose son had brought home a tiny little orphan kitten from his college in Jalandhar. I'd called Frendicoes, and they gave me the number of this guy. So, I went right over and got her home.

She reached home, got out of the box and started exploring my whole house... crouching and jumping up at imaginary things...hunting imaginary prey...hence, the name...Xena, the Warrior Princess.

She's adorable! Refuses to sleep in her basket, and insists on sleeping either on my bed, or in my lap (...or on my stomach, if I'm sleeping too). She prowls around and hunts imaginary prey all day, plays with her toys, sleeps and eats. And if I'm sitting at the computer, and she's sleepy (...and should ordinarily be sleeping on MY bed!), she comes up to me, starts hitting me with her paw and meowing to tell me to pick her up...or she just jumps up onto my lap...and goes to sleep comfortably! (That's what she's doing in the picture.) Really, really cute!

I'll have someone to come home to now...

Though, Anvita won't be visiting me anymore...! ;-D

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Eastmancolour said...

thaz a so sweeeeet kitty :)
buh even so..I'm a dog person ! :D