Friday, July 20, 2007

He dies slowly...

Who does not travel,
Who does not read,
Who does not listen to music,
Who does not enjoy himself.

He dies slowly...
Who destroys his self-esteem,
Who refuses the help of others.

He dies slowly...
Who becomes a slave of habit,
Repeating the same trajectory everyday.
Who will not change brands,
And dare not change the colour of his clothing.
Who will not converse with whom he does not know.

He dies slowly...
Who is afraid of passion
And the whirlwind of emotion,
That will return light to the eyes
And restore a broken heart.

He dies slowly...
Who does not change course when he is unhappy
At work or in his love-life,
Who will not take risks to pursue a dream,
Who will not, even once, take a chance.

Take a chance!
Do it today!
Don't let yourself die slowly!
Don't keep yourself from being happy!

- Pablo Neruda (poem translated from Spanish)

Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm feeling...

amused. :-D

Why, you ask?

'Coz I've spent the last month worrying and fretting over problems I thought I was having. Well, turns out, at least three more people have the same problems. And, that amuses me no end.

Erm...ok...that made no sense to most people...! Just stuff at work - that cannot be elaborated upon.

Oh, and yeah - back in office today. :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ah. Feeling so much better.

Back to office tomorrow. Been home since last Saturday.

Very nice evening yesterday. :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

My cats

...have absolutely no idea of regular sleep patterns or meal cycles.

This is Xena and Gabriel asleep - till 12:30 p.m. - on our bed - as G and I oversleep on a Saturday morning...

...One would think they'd wake up the time they usually do and be meowing for their fish and roti and waking us up...!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

I now HAVE to get out of the house!

It's been a week since I've been in bed - and have not ventured out; except for one night when I just HAD to get out for coffee late at night, and G drove me to the nearest Barista, but my back ache had started by the time we got there, so we came right back.

And, today - the first day that I'm feeling better, my husband is of no help at all - he's out handling a pub event for one of his clients. Meanwhile, I'm at home - hoping a friend leaves office in time, so he can come over and take me out for coffee.

..."manzil kuchh nahin hoti, thake jismon ko bharam hota hai"...

This is one of the most beautiful and poignant lines of poetry I've ever read.
The rest of the poem has to be read:

Kuchh to kaho meri dost
tum chup kyun ho...
waqt achha yaa bura
beet hee jaayega
hum to musaafir hain
ek ummeed liye,
koi lamha
kisi pardaao kaa nishan to laayega...

Kuchh to kaho meri dost...

Tum chup rahogi agar
mere azm ki anaa kya hogi
meri shohrat tumhari wahshat naa sahee
tumhare likhne se mere dil ko tasalli hogi...

Kuchh to kaho meri dost..

Manzil kuchh nahin hoti
thakey jismon ko bharam hota hai,
phir koi raah nikalti hai
phir chal detey hain
sirf pardaao aatey hain
nikal jaatey hain...
Phir chehre pe udaasi kaisi
kaali raat ki tarah
yeh chuppi kaisi...
khabar acchhi nahin
buri hee sahi
waqt hai yeh bhi
beet jaayega,
manzil kaa keh nahin saktey lekin
phir kisi pardaao kaa nishaan
kisi ummeed,
kisi muskan ki tarah
waqt bewaqt
chalaa hee aayega..

Kuchh to kaho meri dost...
tum chup kyon ho?

- Nilendu Sen

Ok, so now we know...

...what's wrong with my back!

I have developed Occupational Spondilosis. It's like, y'know how Tennis players get Tennis Elbow...kinda the same thing. Occupational Spondilosis happens with sitting at the computer for long hours - for many years. Can't be avoided really. The only thing that I can do to avoid another attack is to exercise my back and not lift very heavy weights, so it doesn't get affected this easily the next time.

Another cause for concern - I apparently have some deposits on the edges of my vertebra. It was thought to be Uric Acid deposits, but the blood test report shows that the level of Uric Acid in my blood is normal. So...well...!

Have spent the last week in bed. And since I've been lying in the weirdest of postures to keep my back from hurting, I now have a crick in my neck, which is not letting me turn my head to either side. Bugger!

So, basically - it's been a restful, but depressingly boring week. Tomorrow and day after though are G's days off. :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baaaaaaaaaaad Backache!

The Orthopaedic says it's something to do with decalcification of the back-bone. But, don't see how that's possible - considering Mom made Saahil and me have huge mugs of milk twice a day, every day. That was till I was living at home. It's been six years since I moved to Delhi - and the childhood torture of drinking milk everyday left such an imprint on my mind, that I still regularly have a huge mug of milk every morning. (Yep, I'm sure my kids will go through the same torture as well.)

But, the point is, where is all that Calcium going?! How can my backbone, of all the bones in my body, be decalcifying all of a sudden?! What happened to the rest of the 200-something bones?

Today's the second day I haven't been to work. And, I really should - have loads of work to finish!

Monday, July 02, 2007

New stuff on my blog...

  1. I think this is very interesting. You match words to the picture that seems the most appropriate to you. And, the site tells you, what they call, your Visual DNA. Try it!

  2. Another blog widget for your blog: LibraryThing. I've got it on mine. You can catalog your books on the site, and add a random list to your blog.

  3. Punkymoods is the new avatar of the erstwhile Unkymoods. Love their graphics!

  4. Another list on my blog is from the 43things. I've just got 16 things as yet. Get your own list of things you want to do.

Of a picnic...and a very bad backache...

At home today - with a very sore back. Today's the 4th day and the backache refuses to subside. Mom and G are finally making me go to the Orthopedic today.

Had a very fun time yesterday though. Took my cousins, and two of their friends for a picnic. We went to Humayun's Tomb. Had wanted to take S and K for a picnic since a long time. One, because they're two of the cutest and smartest kids I've ever known (...and I say this not 'coz they're my cousins! Believe me!). And two, 'coz I knew they'd love it, and so would I. The third (secret) reason was also that - well, lately - I have been thinking more and more about how I really want to have a baby. I know that we can't - right now. For various reasons. But, I really, really want to. And, this isn't a recent thing either - have always known I'd love to have a baby. And surprisingly, the whole "responsibility" thing doesn't scare me, like it does G. He's freaked out about me feeling this way, obviously. :D :D :D

All the kids, with G

That's the cutest lil' imp in the world - Ketaki

And, that's Siya

Aren't they the cutest? :)