Monday, July 02, 2007

Of a picnic...and a very bad backache...

At home today - with a very sore back. Today's the 4th day and the backache refuses to subside. Mom and G are finally making me go to the Orthopedic today.

Had a very fun time yesterday though. Took my cousins, and two of their friends for a picnic. We went to Humayun's Tomb. Had wanted to take S and K for a picnic since a long time. One, because they're two of the cutest and smartest kids I've ever known (...and I say this not 'coz they're my cousins! Believe me!). And two, 'coz I knew they'd love it, and so would I. The third (secret) reason was also that - well, lately - I have been thinking more and more about how I really want to have a baby. I know that we can't - right now. For various reasons. But, I really, really want to. And, this isn't a recent thing either - have always known I'd love to have a baby. And surprisingly, the whole "responsibility" thing doesn't scare me, like it does G. He's freaked out about me feeling this way, obviously. :D :D :D

All the kids, with G

That's the cutest lil' imp in the world - Ketaki

And, that's Siya

Aren't they the cutest? :)

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