Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baaaaaaaaaaad Backache!

The Orthopaedic says it's something to do with decalcification of the back-bone. But, don't see how that's possible - considering Mom made Saahil and me have huge mugs of milk twice a day, every day. That was till I was living at home. It's been six years since I moved to Delhi - and the childhood torture of drinking milk everyday left such an imprint on my mind, that I still regularly have a huge mug of milk every morning. (Yep, I'm sure my kids will go through the same torture as well.)

But, the point is, where is all that Calcium going?! How can my backbone, of all the bones in my body, be decalcifying all of a sudden?! What happened to the rest of the 200-something bones?

Today's the second day I haven't been to work. And, I really should - have loads of work to finish!

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