Friday, July 06, 2007

Ok, so now we know...

...what's wrong with my back!

I have developed Occupational Spondilosis. It's like, y'know how Tennis players get Tennis Elbow...kinda the same thing. Occupational Spondilosis happens with sitting at the computer for long hours - for many years. Can't be avoided really. The only thing that I can do to avoid another attack is to exercise my back and not lift very heavy weights, so it doesn't get affected this easily the next time.

Another cause for concern - I apparently have some deposits on the edges of my vertebra. It was thought to be Uric Acid deposits, but the blood test report shows that the level of Uric Acid in my blood is normal. So...well...!

Have spent the last week in bed. And since I've been lying in the weirdest of postures to keep my back from hurting, I now have a crick in my neck, which is not letting me turn my head to either side. Bugger!

So, basically - it's been a restful, but depressingly boring week. Tomorrow and day after though are G's days off. :)

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