Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm feeling...

amused. :-D

Why, you ask?

'Coz I've spent the last month worrying and fretting over problems I thought I was having. Well, turns out, at least three more people have the same problems. And, that amuses me no end.

Erm...ok...that made no sense to most people...! Just stuff at work - that cannot be elaborated upon.

Oh, and yeah - back in office today. :)


How do we know said...

Umm.. May the State Remain!

Eastmancolour said...

*hugz* honey!
worrying and fretting...

love that stuff :D

Eastmancolour said...

how is ur back now???
what have you done with it you crazy lady??
will call!

Three drinks always! said...

how do we know: Amen to that! :)

eastmancolour: Back's better now. :)
Yes, call please.

Zee said...

most people say :( rather than :) about returning to work

Three drinks always! said...

zee: ...when one has been in bed for a week, and one's husband refuses to even take one out for a drive at night ('coz one is almost about to tear one's hair out with sheer boredom!) with the excuse that a drive might damage one's back further - well, then one does say :) about going back to work.