Friday, August 12, 2005

"Yes" and "No"

This is something I'd heard on FM many, many years ago. In the days when it used to be "Times FM...yeahhh" :p (I wonder if anyone else remembers the "you're listening to Times FM...yeahhh" was HILARIOUS!)

I think it's very quaint and a little silly...and also kinda sweet in a way...
Found it written in an o-o-old diary of mine.

What I believe is that all girls should know,
When to say "yes" and when to say "no".
There are no textbooks and there are no rules,
The subject is neglected in orthodox schools.
"Yes" to flowers, "Yes" to a dance,
"Yes" to a flirt straight from France.
"Yes" to a walk in the beautiful rain,
"Yes" if he wants a chance to explain.
"No" to slacks unless you are thin,
"No" to an impulse to telephone him.
"Yes" to a Saturday, "No" to a Monday,
"Yes" to a salad, "No" to a sundae.
"No" to him if he has a wife,
"Yes" if you want him for the rest of your life.


santosh said...

really cool...

Anvita Thapliyal said...

cute! i mean the post ...(aur santosh ki photo bhi...hahaha)

Eastmancolour said...

cute !! :D
aa laak it :D

hope you're feeling better !!!