Friday, August 19, 2005

Of festivals...and the thought behind them

Went home after 2 months this time. And, it was wonderful...and, dare I say, (at the risk of sounding like one of those Gucci-bag-toting aunties) "therapeutic". :)

Today's Rakhi a.k.a. Raksha Bandhan. Traditionally, a festival where sisters tie a thread on their brother('s/s') wrist, the idea being that she will always stand by him, and he will always protect her. Nice thought. But, why do people (other than my family...and possibly a few other families...hopefully a lot of other families) not think of this the other way around as well? Saahil has always tied a rakhi on my wrist, like I have on his. Well, why not? I'm older anyway. How in the world would it've worked if I'd needed protecting when he was just a year old?! I could protect him better for sure. And, why's this still interpreted as big-strong-brother protecting small-weak-sister?! I mean...hellooo! Why can't any festival...every understood and interpreted in a nicer, more progressive way? I've always loved Diwali for the lights and the dressing up, Christmas for the well...the Christmassy feeling, the red and green, the holly, the mistletoe, the Christmas trees, Santa, the stockings, the reindeers and the elves...the works...Eid for the luverly food...Easter for the nice chocolate Easter eggs...Dusshera for going to Ram Lila Maidan and seeing Ravan burn, and buying a Hanuman mask...and actually wearing it, and embarassing my brother...Holi...well, not one that I like..havent' played in years...Rakhi for the tradition...for the thought behind tie it to everyone you love...Papa, Mom, Saahil...the dogs (well, they protect you, don't they?!)...everyone who you'd want rallying around you when you needed protecting...
All this makes the whole year so wonderful. It does. There's always some nice holiday coming up. Of course, they're all just leading up to the biggest holiday of the birthday!!! :D (Another 4 months, 2 days to go!)

Festivals aren't about religion. They're about having fun, being together, dressing up, eating good food, drinking lots...and they're about the thought behind them.


Eastmancolour said...

*applause applause*

encore encore !!!

Wundurful ! :o)
I totally totally agree !

Well.. I used to tie a rakhi on kris' wrist too...till she figured out that it makes for a better financial excuse if she's the only one tying the rakhi ;) I mean..if I'm tying one too..then there's not a whole lot she ends up saying about how much MORE money she wants ! :D
ahem! hehe.
jokes apart...nice thought :)
buh I guess it's not the thought .. it's the tradition that's so followed everytime. If we were so good at grabbing the thought behind everything.. Oh I suspect we'd be quite someplace else ;)

I'm gonna miss Mrs. Cooper's rum & raisin cakes at Christmas :(

miss you lots >:D<

Three drinks always! said...

:) Who be Mrs. Cooper?

Miss you too...truckloads! >:D<
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