Thursday, May 12, 2005

New job, new life

First time I'm writing a blog. Inspired by some of my friends.

This is a time of "firsts" for me it seems. First first job, my first's quite new and strange...and wonderfully exciting!

So, I started work on the 9th of May...officially. In the Moving Picture Company. Right now, I'm working on a bio-pic on Lal Bahadur Shastri. Yep...a longer (much longer!) version of the same documentary I'd worked on in October last year. In the research stage as yet. Will start shooting in a day or two hopefully.

My first house...oh, don't ask! It's lovely! It's a barsati, which means that the terrace is my own, for all practical purposes. It's a really nice one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom set. Mom, Dad and Saahil helped me do it up last Sunday. Finally got cable yesterday. Will be getting broadband in a month, and then it'll be absolutely perfect! Not to say that it isn't perfect as it has to be...with all the cooking and CLEANING (Attn: Mom!) and decorating I've been doing.

Best part about having my own place is that now...after 4 years of living in other people's houses...I can finally have friends over. Saahil was with me the last two days, Rouble spent one night, Anvita came over yesterday.

The only part I'm not-so-happy about...? That would have to be point number 4 of the rent agreement I signed last evening...the one about "I will keep no pets". That was another thing I'd been looking forward to for when I'd have my own place. Was thinking of adopting a kitten from Frendicoes. Not a dog, though I love them more than snooty cats, coz it'd get very lonely when I'm not home. Cats are more independent that way.

Speaking of independence, that's another thing I love about living alone. I can't understand people (however much I may try to) who prefer living with relatives, or even with the land-lord's family, rather than living on their own. Being reponsible for your successes and your failures. They'll never know the happiness that I get from coming back from work, taking off my sandals, making tea for myself while filling up the cooler, and then just sitting on my bed, in front of the TV, having my chai...and loving to be by myself.

Watched The Practice and JAG last night. Wonder HOW they manage to make such GOOD shows. Wonder why we can't. One good one on Indian television right now is Sarrkar on Zee TV. Quite impressive! But, look what happened with Jassi. But then, it still works, as do the "saas-bahu" kinds that do so well. (Besta luck, Anvita! I still find it very amusing, and I WILL still judge you!)

The pulse of an audience is a very strange thing. Getting the pulse of the audience is even stranger.


Eastmancolour said...

This is what i call a storyline...
my barsati, my life, and everything... :-D

These are the things we talk about, or would, if we ALL ever got together in ONE place and had a way of talking to everyone - that is - you talked and everyone was listening ! Then you'd tell them - hey.. u know what? I got a new home :D
cheers and congratulations ;)

Three drinks always! said...


You read it already! Good, good. Congratulations! You're my first (ummm...) "reader"! You win...something...will let you know what when you land at IGI Airport. Actually, not "when you land at IGI Airport", but as soon as you come out of IGI Airport. >:D<

Anvita Thapliyal said...

good going aanchal!!
i write a blog becoz i am an unemployed bum , u work man....don't give workers a bad name...nevrmind tht ......u nvr leave comments on my blog so from now on for every coment u leave , u receive one !