Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Jab teri samandar aankhon mein... by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Ye dhoop kinara, shaam dhale
milte hain dono waqt jahaan
jo raat na din, jo aaj na kal
pal bhar ko amar, pal bhar mein dhuaan
is dhoop kinare, pal do pal
honton ki lapak
baahon ki chhanak
ye mel hamara jhoot na sach
kyon raaz karo, kyon dosh dharo
kis kaaran jhooti baat karo
jab teri samandar aankhon mein
is shaam ka sooraj doobega
sukh so'enge ghar dar wale
aur raahi apni raah lega

Nothing new in my mind today. Various bits and pieces of poetry running through my head since I woke up. So, got out my old brown diary, where I keep writing bits and pieces of whatever I like...poems, songs, one-liners - whatever catches my fancy basically. Quite an interesting read it has become, I'm proud to say.

I hate days like today. When my mind is blank and it just refuses to go anywhere, try as I might.

Padmini got me two fish. One of them must not have been too well, coz it had died by the next morning. And the previous day, it had been swimming upside down. For those of you who know fish, even if not personally, you might've seen that fish lose their sense of balance when they aren't feeling too well. Don't we all actually?

The other one's fine. Though, I think it must be lonely. It's alone in the bowl now, with just one underwater plant for company, and those glass pebbles that Mom so loves! It keeps swimming around in the bowl, but then what fun is that without a friend. It was looking quite forlon and listless this morning. Surprising how many similarities I'm suddenly seeing between human life and fish life!


Anvita Thapliyal said...

ahmm...don't mind my steppin in like this when u r mourning with ur fish belly up and all, but i'd just like to clarify tht padmini and I got u th fishes.
PS: i'll bring a couple more , th nxt time i come over

Three drinks ahead...as always! said...

I'm sorry. Here's the clarification: Anvita and Padmini got me two fish.
And, Anvita's getting me a couple more now, to keep my lonely fish company.