Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My mother is crazy!

Papa was in town yesterday, and came over for a drink and dinner, and to drop off all that Mom had sent for me for दिवाली (Diwali) - and since then, I can't stop smiling every time I think of it. : )

My mother is crazy - and both, her Mom and my Dad, wish they too had a Mom like her!

She sends me nicely wrapped presents on every festival - Diwali, Christmas, Valentine's Day - and then asks for the wrapping paper to be kept carefully and handed back to her safely. And, she's strangely fond of sending मिठाई (mithaai/sweets) - even though she knows no one will finish it in my house.

She's always sent me pretty lights for Diwali, and last year, she got me a huge Christmas tree and all the decorations for it. Yesterday though, you outdid yourself, Ma! : )

So, I got a huge box full of मिटटी के दिए (lamps), along with the cotton बत्तियां (wicks), two packets of candles, very pretty electric lights, five packets of रंगोली (rangoli) colour, (AND) a book with रंगोली designs, very pretty गणेश and लक्ष्मी statuettes, one गणेश lamp, a packet full each of बादाम (almonds), काजू (cashewnuts) and अंजीर (dried figs), and a DVD player.

All this 'coz she knows I like mitti ka diyaas more than candles on Diwali.

She knows I love making rangoli, though I don't know how to.

And she knows these are the three dry fruits I like the most - almonds, cashewnuts and figs.

And, she knows that this'll be my first Diwali away from "home" in 25 years - in my own house this time.

And, she knows I'll miss everything - the pre-made marble rangoli design in our verandah at home (for which you don't need a rangoli design book), filling oil in all the lamps and then lighting them all over the house, the crazy Diwali pooja at home, wearing saris, walking all over town to see the lights and the mela.

Yes, I'll miss all this a whole lot, Ma. But, I'll miss you more. Love you.


Jadedism said...

moms r cute :) adorable dahlings

dipali said...

You lucky girl, Aanchal. But we already knew that from reading about your wonderful mother in other posts:)
Have a happy first Diwali in your new home, and enjoy keeping up your family's traditions.and evolving new ones with your husband.
(Our Diwali pooja always includes my husband's 'annual review'- all the pluses and minuses of the previous year- now the far-away children get to hear him over the phone!)

Three drinks always! said...

Thank you. :)
And, did your son tell you how much I love reading your blog? I told him to. :)

dipali said...

My son probably has better things to do! Would love to read your comments on the blog itself:)

Eastmancolour said...

love the way you write sweets :)
*hugz* :D miss you!

Tanzila said...

lucky you.... but then thats what moms do...know without us saying anything...