Thursday, January 18, 2007

new, new! :)

Shall put up better pictures of the new house when it's all pretty, and ready to be photographed. :)


abhishek said...

I was wondering if you could post the urdu and hindi poems and couplets in devnagri script as well. Is that not possible? A few Pakistani bloggers post them in Arabic, which again is alien to too many people.

Anand said...

congratulations on the new house and new domesticity.
look forward to visiting you guys in the summer...

Johnnie, the walker... said...

CONGRATS duo! loved to hear the sound of 'MARRIAGE' : ) in our fav jori context!


Three drinks always! said...

Abhishek: I'm sure I can. Will figure out how to. :)

Anand: Thanks. :) And, when you coming?

Johnnie: Thank you. :) Who is this though?