Saturday, December 03, 2005

Some more updates on the 4th DBM:

  • Quite high on nice white wine and potent sake right now. (...ok, this wasn't about the 4th DBM...I know...but it's my blog...what you gonna do?)
  • Blog Meet tomorrow. It'll be fun.
  • Have reserved place in DV8 for about 12-15 people. (Again. Hah, Saket! ...Before your list-making began.) :)
  • Blog Meet starts at 5, which gives us at least 3 hours to drink within Happy Hours! Yay!
  • They just might be convinced to let Happy Hours go on even after that(!), what with DV8 regulars like yours truly and Anand being present. Double yay!
  • I really hope Ranjan Yumnam drops in. However, even if he doesn't, Jai thinks he himself might attempt a sting operation this time.
  • Meanwhile, Tarun, of course, promises that there'll be frisking for media credentials.
  • Quite a few people have confimed. Even those who haven't - please drop in. We'll be the large group of people - four of them, "elite bloggers". :D Please do come.
  • If anyone needs to tie up anything, here's my number again - 98101-41855.


~River~ said...

I think I'll be able to make it. See ya tomorrow. :)

Eastmancolour said...

me Me ME MEEEE !!!


Vulturo said...

Great work :-)

Three drinks always! said...

River: Goodie! See you tomorrow then. :)

Eastman: Wish you could come! So wish you could come!

Vulturo: Thank you, kind sir. :)