Friday, December 02, 2005

Coming Up: The Fourth "Delhi" Bloggers' Meet

Update: Six people have accepted as yet. I'd really appreciate it if everyone could spread the word further. Also, you could call me at 98101-41855. And, yeah- in case DV8 doesn't suit everyone, please suggest an alternative. And, if it's gonna be DV8, then well...we catch Happy Hours (Yay!) from whenever we get there till 8 o'clock. Also, a few things in its favour, or the reasons why I thought of it- nice, comfy couches, not very loud music, and very friendly waiters. Ooh, and...pretty nice cocktails! ;)

Meanwhile, some more on the upcoming blog meet- it's gonna be all about frisking and recording, I hear.


I hereby accept to host the Fourth "Delhi" Bloggers' Meet, which, I insist, will represent all of Delhi.

Also, since I be one of the now-famous "elite" bloggers, I also be the right person to host this Blog Meet.

Date: 4th of December, Sunday
Time: 5 p.m.
Venue: DV8, Regal Building, Connaught Place

All you Delhi Bloggers are invited, and a special invitation is hereby extended to a certain Mr. Ranjan Yumnam.

---Leave comments to confirm---


TTG said...

Well I think the core groups will confirm. I'm definitely in

lemontree said...

i am coming
so incase of any change of plan do let me know on my blog- else youll have a very lonely 28 year old at DV8 on Sunday- actually may not be so bad

Jabberwock said...

I'm not Ranjan Yumnam alas, but I'll be there

eM said...

i'll probably come too :)

Three drinks always! said...

TTG: I knew you were coming anyway. :D

lemontree, jabberwock and em: Look forward to seeing you all. :)

Ankur said...

wud have loved to make it to the DBM,,but am tied up this time wud be there,,, :-) have a gr8 time, will pass the message arnd though..

Delhi's Deviant said...

woulda loved to be there, but am in desperate of being bankrolled by the office,and punctuality is really not their forte, so 'tis unlikely i'll be there. Sucks.

~River~ said...


Anvita Thapliyal said...

i wanna come i wanna come ...but can't't it!

Prakriti said...

Uh, just saw the notification on desipundit, and came on to find this post dated December 31st, 2005?? One beer down, i might be, but my comp does show the correct time! And date!

Well, I would definitely like to be there, unless there is a parallel Caferati meet on, in which case I have to attend that, or else I shall be shot by that junta.

And oh, my number is 9891469768. People can get in touch with me. This would be my first blog meet in Delhi, if I do get to attend this, that is.

Three drinks always! said...

Ankur: Would be nice if you could come. The more, the merrier! :)

Delhi's Deviant: Hmph! What with your office and your bank...! Try and make it, man.

River: "Hmmm..."?? /:)
Tarun says there'll be frisking for media credentials, though I'd love for "James" to be there. Come, na! :)

Anvita: It does, woman. Can't you try and make it sometime in December? Btw, time for my *evil plan*! :D bwahahahahaha

Prakriti: Come, come. It'll be fun!
Oh, and...about the date...and time...well, it isn't the beer...I made it that way so this post would stay on top. :D

Eastmancolour said...

yeh dil
yeh paagal dil mera
kyun bujh gaya

YUMMY ghazal ! :)

me wanna come too :(

have a drink on my account :D

Three drinks always! said...

Eastman: I will, sweetie...I will, I will. You know you can count on me for that... ;)

Anvita Thapliyal said...

the evil plan is more stupid and cruel then anything else, so beat it!!
i am not coming to delhi just so u can get ur kicks by seeing others suffer...u ma'am r a sadist, i condemn u...yes i do
PS:isn't it always fun exxxaggrrrrting

Three drinks always! said...

Anvita: Bah!

swar said...

i blog from bangalore but m in delhi this weekend. will cya all ;))

Sublime Thoughts said...

Must say u guys at Delhi manage to catch up quite often.Couldnt you keep it a coupla weeks back i could have joined tooo...wicked wicked wicked...but its ok...probably we will have a mumbai bloggers meet the coming 100 years..

bah!!but come to think of it wud have loved to meet up with jai,river,ttg n u..theek hai koi baat nahi kisi aur din...

Three drinks always! said...

Hey, sublime thoughts. We try to have a Blog Meet on the first Sunday of every month. And sometimes, we even make the front page of Delhi Times. ;)

Let me know when you're in Delhi next, and maybe we could meet up. :)

Vulturo said...

Sublime Thoughts:

They have a Mumbai Blogger's meet *every month* too. The prime movers are the members of the libertarian cartel.

Watch their blogs

Three drinks always! said...

bem: See you tomorrow. :)

almost_useless said...

attended the first one, since then schedule has been up and down, so will c how it works tomm, would lovwe to meet u all though.

last time we ended up in DV8 and sang a slightly besura version of last kiss by pearl jam, fond memories indeed