Sunday, November 13, 2005

Na aaj lutf kar itna ke kal guzar na sake
woh raat jo ke tere gesoo'on ki raat nahin
ye aarzoo bhi baRi cheez hai magar hamdam
visaal-e-yaar faqat aarzoo ki baat nahin

Grant me not so much bounty today that tomorrow
night, without your locks,
may be too wearisome.
Yearning is a great thing, O friend,
but union with the beloved is not just a matter of


Eastmancolour said...

it spoke to me !
bizarre ! :)

Three drinks always! said...

:) Told you so!
And, it isn't "bizarre"'s the awesome-ness of Faiz!

TTG said...

Wah, Wah!

Aditi said...

did you translate that ?

Three drinks always! said...

Nope, Aditi. That's Shiv K Kumar's brilliant translation. He's possibly the best translator for Faiz Ahmed Faiz's work!

Aditi said...

:) wow.
Does he have a website ?

Three drinks always! said...

Not that I know of. But, you could read Faiz's original work at .
Also, there's a book called The Best of Faiz - this one has his original Urdu poetry, as well as English translations by Shiv K Kumar. One of the best collections of Faiz's work!

Anonymous said...

For Faiz's complete works transliterated into Hindi, get the book "Saare Sukhan Hamaare" published by Rajkamal Prakashan, Delhi.