Monday, November 07, 2005

The Accidental Elephant a lovely new blog with children's poetry and illustrations. :)


david raphael israel said...

Hey, already this famous!?!?
thanks for the mention.

[a denizen of River's select Acidental Elephant "writing staff"]

Three drinks always! said...

:) Cheers to you too, David.
Lovely poetry, if I may say so again.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Their page is good stuff and so is yours. I just love your blog name. I'm a Humphrey Bogart fan.

Three drinks always! said...

enemy of the republic- Thanks! :) I like your blog too. Makes one think.
And, yeah. Isn't Bogart just too cool? :D

~River~ said...

yayay! youse back! :D

Three drinks always! said...

Yes, I am. For good.