Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First the bimbo starlets, and now a filmi couple...

Was witness to a hilarious thing this morning! Just had to post it here (which is why am writing again in the middle of a work day, Anvita!).

Was out on a shoot today doing a story on summer fashions and trends in women's clothing for tomorrow morning's show. Was shooting a segment in Benetton (Sector 18), and while my cameraman was taking cut-aways, I was keeping myself busy trying to line up a few assorted shoppers to talk to the camera about what they like to wear in summers. So, saw this girl enter with a guy and they were checking about the usual hip-hop-kinda-factory-bulk-made-kinda-clothes-that-I-hate... just the kind of people I wanted! So I went up to this girl and started to explain where we're from, etc. Gave her the usual about breakfast show on DD-1, etc. And, while I'm explaining to her, at the back of my mind I'm thinking why the hell is she looking so distracted when I'm talking to her. The guy keeps nodding and saying "Yeh" ("Yeh" = an over-accented simple "yeah"!) over and over again. So finally, I say to her...
Me: So, can we talk to you on the camera for a minute?
She: (Looks dumbstruck)
He: Yeh.
Me: It'll just take a minute.
She: (Still looking dumbstruck)
He: Yeh. Yeh. She'll do it.
Me: Ummm... (trying to gesture towards the camera)
She: ON THE CAMERA???!!! (Looking horrified now. Finally a change of expression!)
Me: Yeah... (?!)
She: No, no, no... I'm not doing that...
He: Arre, do it na... (to me) she'll do it.
Me: (Looking from one to the other...quite like in a tennis match)
She: NO!
He: Arre, I won't be on the camera. You could be with girls. Kisi ko pata nahin chalega.
Me: (Beginning to find this hugely amusing)
She: NO! (To me) I can't do it.
He: (Looks at me helplessly)
Me: (Wait for them to run up the stairs and out of the showroom, and then break into a grin)

It was unbelievably crazy! I'm now resigned to the fact that I can expect to see strange things almost everyday at this job. First the bimbo starlets, and now a filmi couple who've apparently lied to everyone about where and with whom they are.

I so hope the girl's parents aren't reading this! Actually, I hope they are. That should be funnier still.

Over and out...for now.

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Anvita Thapliyal said...

my high point of the day was a 50 year old lady called dolly.(details over the phone).
PS: stop harrasing ppl in malls, u subah savere freak...u media TV people r the scum i tell u the absolute scum. HA ha enjoyed being dramatic . :)