Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Back...after a hiatus

Been busy. My film's taking some time to start, so have been relocated to the Subeh Savere team for the time being. Been busy shooting mainly for a segment called "Entertainment Savere".

Realized that I need a lot of patience to cope with this job. Went for a press meet for a new film called Men Not Allowed (!!) last evening. Now this film is another one in the deluge of "bold" films. Another one about lesbianism...hence, the title. The interviews, of course, just about killed me! There were these two starlet-types, one of whom kept talking about her character in the film being "normal" before she becomes a lesbian, and why that happens...bad experiences with men, of course. This one was Payal Rohatgi, who I'd never heard of before this shoot, but who claims she's done a lot of hugely successful films (!!). The other one, some Tina Majumdar, had "mummy-ji" along, who was acting more like her pimp than her mother/agent. The producers of this film are this group of sleazy looking men, and you really can't tell which one is sleazier than the next. So, all in all, it was horrendous!

Looking forward to tomorrow though. Gonna interview one of my "heroes". Javed Akhtar! Yay!!

Shabana Azmi's gonna be there as well. But then, as Anvita put it a little while ago, she's just what you'd call "hoity-toity"! Hehehehe... That's so EXACTLY what you'd call her, Anvita! And, I'm not negating her intelligence here...but she IS "hoity-toity", isn't she?!

For some unexplicable reason, just did a search on the latest lesbian love-story and found one review, the last paragraph of which is completely hilarious...
"Promising that his movie will not be a cheap and sleazy film, Shrivastava says that although the movie will have some explicit scenes between the two belles, but it will be shown in a graceful manner on the screen."

Anyway, moving ahead...

Everything else is good. Work's fun actually. But, very easy. That's frustrating, in a way. Hoping that my film starts soon.

Cooked in the evening today after a long time. Bought bhindi on my way home, made it with the more elaborate recipe, remembered I hadn't told the maid to make parathas in the morning, so was gonna take out aata, when I saw that, well, I had none! Just ordered biryani from that place close by. So there!
...Dunno why I felt like saying "so there"!

Wish I could write more. Will try to write at least every other day from now on. Hasn't been that long since I started writing here, but have noticed that I start getting withdrawal symptoms pretty soon after I stop getting time to write.

Nothing else to say today...except...just a few last thoughts...
  • Arvind, you haven't written in ages! Write! You're happy write! :-D
  • Anvita, talked to you thrice today, but forgot to ask all three times...why were you "a little sad" last night?
  • All the people who read this (actually, those among you who I know!)... Bunty aur Babli this Saturday?
  • I just bought M.M. Kaye's The Far Pavilions. It seems good.
  • I think everyone who lives in Delhi, especially everyone who likes the city, should read William Dalrymple's City of Djinns. I just love it! Thank you again, Juhi and The Lil' One.
  • I'm done, and I think this writing in points thing I just did is strange.


Eastmancolour said...

someone says i'm happy
humbug :p

Well anyway.. .first day at work today. two meetings and a load of talking and planning. For ONCE in my life...lets see this actually GO according to plan.
My faith in the failure of plans just grows with each experience.
Plans suck
life sucks

...some of the lesser interesting things :P
anywayz.. lets move on.. life's a chord gone out of tune. I miss home.. I miss rotiz... I DONT miss cribbing.. coz I took on a major contract for that when I took the road.
damn damn damn :P

Have a nice day!

Eastmancolour said...

Oh yes...

thank god you finally wrote !

Anvita Thapliyal said...

shabana azmi is one of those people u shld nvr get to meet in person becoz they r capable of bursting tht bubble of respect u hav for their work with one movement of the eyebrow , which will be enough for u to trace her assholeness in every film u see after tht .
remember kiron kher... after seeing her i saw bari wali again, her performence seemed suddenly self involved and i could see flaws all over .( also she wore a leopard print sari to college ...eeehhhkk wassup with that)