Monday, November 26, 2007

November Updates

Been a really long time since I blogged last. Some updates since then:
  • Changed my job. And very happy doing what I am right now. :)
  • Had our first Diwali together. Some pictures of that later. :)
  • I am now officially addicted to Facebook.
  • Yeah...that's pretty much it. Haven't read a single new book. Except for re-reading (for the 7th time, I think) The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer, and The Godfather by Mario Puzo. Haven't watched a single new film. Except for re-watching the Godfather trilogy. Am dying to watch Om Shanti Om and Jab We Met though. Have heard the second one is a pretty good film. And the first, I've heard, isn't - but I just love the reverence for the 60s and the 70s that Farah Khan's films have.


quirkyalone said...

ohmigawd! you should totally watch OM SHANTI OM!!! it's fultoo timepass! and yes, the film is an awesome walk down memory lane...esp if you dig Bollywood trivia! :)
and yes, it's SRK all the way! :)

dipali said...

Missed you lots. Glad to know the new job is happy-making. OSO and JWM are both fun to watch.
Looking forward to your photos.

Three drinks always! said...

quirkyalone: I know! Dying to watch! Will, the day G doesn't bring work home, and sits up half the night pretending to finish it. :)

dipali: :) Posting the photos today.