Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day! :)

Mom sent this to me today...and I think it's lovely. And, I think the one person who embodies both of these perspectives is my Mom. She's been the best mother I could ever think anyone could be - and I hope I'll be like her in this way too - along with all the other ways that I'm like her - and so proud that I am. She's also (apart from being a mother, wife and friend, AND a practising Doctor), since the last 5 years, been running the school that my grandmother had started about 27 years ago. And, the way she's so involved with every child in the achool - makes me so proud. And, that's how, the rest of us - Papa, Saahil and I - help out with every year's annual function for the school - and it's so awesome every year. :)

Love you, Ma. :)

“Whose child is this?”

I asked one day

Seeing a little one

Out at play.

“Mine”, said the PARENT

with a tender smile

“Mine to keep a little while.

To bathe his hands

and comb his hair,

To tell him what he is to wear.

To prepare him that he

may always be good,

And each day do the

things he should.”

“Whose child is this?”

I asked again

as the door opened and

someone came in,

“Mine”, said the TEACHER

with the same

tender smile,

“Mine to keep just

for a little while.

To teach him how to be

gentle and kind,

to train and direct his

dear little mind.

To help him live by

every rule.

And get the Best he

can from SCHOOL.

“Whose child is this?”

I asked once more.

Just as the little one

entered the door,

“Ours”, said the PARENT

and the TEACHER

as they smiled

And each took the hand,

of the little child-

“OURS to love and

train together,

Ours this blessed task TOGETHER!”



dipali said...

Lovely poem
great thoughts
that value both the teacher
and the taught.

Three drinks always! said...

:) Thanks, Dipali.

~nm said...

Awesome!! Beautiful!

Eastmancolour said...

LOVELY bebe ! :D
u say the best words!