Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Not really "tagged"...

...but so what.

The Mad Momma had blogged about things that she's judgemental about, and that made me think. I've often thought that I get extremely judgemental about certain stuff. Have been meaning to do this post for a very long time now - but with work and then having such little time at home with G, it just hasn't happened.

So, all of the following are things that I judge people on, but none of these really matter in family and friends - they might strike me, but the thought's gone in a second...

  1. I judge people who can't speak good English. I know that's extremely superficial, but when people use bad grammar, wrong tenses, or pronounce words wrong - it just puts me off.
  2. I judge people who write sms-es without vowels or punctuation. How much time or effort does it take to type "I'll call you back"?! Why does it have to be "l cl u bk"??! I don't get it! Even apart from sms, I don't get why people have no idea how to use punctuation. Especially the apostrophe. It's always "it's" when it should be "its", and vice versa.
  3. I also judge people who don't reply to sms-es, and are very proud of the fact that they "just don't like text messages". What's there to like or not like about technology? It makes life easier, it's an excellent way to communicate, and also - I've noticed that you can really know how a person's mind actually works with the way they type sms-es. You can always tell if a person is witty or just plain boring.
  4. I judge people who do not read. Especially, if you tell me that you'd rather sleep than read a book. What kind of a logic is that?!
  5. I judge people who aren't aware of popular culture - films, books, music, television. To not know who sang "With a little help from my friends", or what Woodstock was, or what Kumar Gaurav's first film was, or how Hum Aapke Hain Kaun changed the movie-watching experience, to who Salvador Dali was, to who Asterix is, or who Pran Kumar Sharma is, what Amar Chitra Katha is all about, or who Byomkesh Bakshi is, or turn your nose up at the thought of following the Harry Potter books - I just don't get any of this. All this isn't stuff that you have to try and find out about, or read about, or in any way, try and get to - it's popular culture, people! It's all around you.
  6. I judge people who don't love their work, and think that it's alright to not be passionate about what you spend your life doing, just because at the end of the day you're getting paid for it.
  7. I judge people who change when they're in a relationship. I've seen women and men becoming completely different people depending on who they're with. Especially in a marriage. To my mind, marriage is supposed to be about coming together. Not changing each other. That is what the word compromise means to a lot of people, I've noticed.
  8. I judge people who think it's cool to not watch films. I have a relative who prides herself at the fact that she hasn't watched a single film in the last 17 years. Really??! How's that a cool thing?
  9. I judge people - women actually - who change after having children. They stop being a woman, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an individual - just 'coz having had a child, having achieved the ultimate aim of their being - that's it for them. I completely understand, and respect, being there for your children, in every which way you can - that's the least you owe them for having brought them into the world. But, not to the exclusion of everything else. Not to the exclusion of not having a marriage anymore - in every sense of the word. I judge women who make their children the sole ambition of their lives - to wake them up, to put them to sleep, to cook for them, to even talk about them endlessly even when they aren't around, and to give up on themselves - on their personalities and on their bodies. To forget the people they were (and still are actually) just because society, in some way, tells them that they've finally done what they were around to do, and that's that.
  10. I judge people who don't leave tips for waiters in restaurants, and/or think they have the right to speak badly with them. I also judge waiters who don't serve with a pleasant expression, and/or are rude and condescending, and still expect tips.

I think this is it. For now. This, though, is a post in progress. And I am one judgemental b****!

Would just like to say again though. This does not apply to my family and friends. Some of my closest and best-est friends use wrong grammar lots of time. My brother detests reading - there was a time when I would actually read out a whole Biggles novel to him, in the hope of maybe making him start to like reading. And, my husband doesn't believe in replying to my sms-es, and when he does, he writes full words thanks to predictive text, but does not use any punctuation ever. Sigh!


quirkyalone said...

I just simply love this post...also made me realize how terribly judgemental I am ( VERY!)...especially about the angrezi speaking and the reading...also not being aware of what's happening in the world and being competely 'chalta hai' about politics.

the mad momma said...

ok ur as judgmental as me..yet i get lynched on my post. the world in an unfair place :D. thanks for the tag. shall take it up