Monday, September 12, 2005

Aisi nazar se dekha us zaalim ne chowk par...
humne kaleja rakh diya chaaku ki nok par...

....meri angdaai na toote tu aaja...

Love the feeling of being in love
(Yes, Mom. It feels great. I know. :) )

Love how one person seems like the world for a moment. Love how no one else comes even close...hasn't come even close...for more than three years now. Love how it just doesn't seem like three years.

"Three years?? Really?!! It's been that long?"

"Three years? It's just been three years?"

Love how three years sometimes seems like such a long time, but it feels like much lesser.

Love the feeling of getting to know someone. Everyday. More and more.

The biggest lie you ever told,
your deepest fear about growing old,
the longest night you ever spent,
the angriest letter you never sent,
the boy you swore you'd never leave,
the one you kissed on New Year's Eve,
the sweetest dream you had last night
your darkest hour, your hardest fight...

....The saddest song you ever heard,
the most you said with just one word,
the loneliest prayer you ever prayed,
the truest vow you ever made,
what makes you laugh, what makes you cry,
what makes you mad, what gets you by,
your highest high, your lowest low - these things I want to know....

:) I feel happy. Constantly.
...Well, almost. :)


Eastmancolour said...



LOVED reading it
and read it again
and again...just for the feeling :)

Hope you're reading too motz ;)
love you guys :)
miss you people :(

Eastmancolour said...

oh..and sorry for not remember which song the first time around :D
ahem ahem ahem
been sometime since i picked up the guitar. It happens. I'm getting old. ahem!

Anonymous said...

hey sweets,

Its going to be 3 and half this September 28th to be precise("and a little to the west to be precise"-Professor Calculus (Tintin)-since you wudn't know...)

time just flies when u just wanna hold on to every thought...every word...when ur in the midst of something you wanna sit rewind and watch in slow motion...again and again...

ur the best of everything for me...

EastmanColour:How old ur getting test: Move ur hand through your hair and see how many u get hold u know... :-)


Three drinks always! said...

Arvind - I miss you too! Like I said on your blog, get back here asap! >:D<

Gourav - I know who Professor Calculus is, thank you. Do you, though, know who be Crispin St Aubyn? :D

Eastmancolour said...

G - everyone has their own measures...
you can measure the depth of the craters you make when you walk on the ground ;)

The Nemesis said...

Hello Lady,
Nice blog you have. I've bookmarked it now. you could have a look at my blog sometime.
...though my levels of consistency would be worse than yours.
Manas >:-]

Three drinks always! said...

A and G - Can people please refrain from being mean to each other on my blog?! *raised eyebrow*
And, et tu, Arvind? As if one wasn't enough.

Manas - Thanks. And I will have a look at your blog tonight. :)

Shivangi said...

AAnchal... Tyagi??? Man... world is small! But puhhlzzzzz, I dont like being made so public! ;) its a carefully concealed secret!
How have you been? where are you? email me... its on my profile!
and i noticed anvita too... hmmm!

Anonymous said...

who is this shivangi?

Anonymous said...

now i know who shivangi is !
PS: also, abt being made public ...shivangi shld probly take off her picture and her email id.

Anonymous said...

aare bhai! kutch(naya) dikhai kyon nahin deta bhai!!!
PS: write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!write!aaaahhh...i thnk u understand wat i mean!

~River~ said...

Constant happiness isn't conducive to blogging. QED

Anonymous said...

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